Tuesday, December 7, 2010

From TX to DC- 29th day of Hunger Strike

Lucy Martinez, pictured above, speaks to Senator Hutchison's immigration staffer about the critical need for the DREAM Act. Lucy is on her 29th day of a hunger strike and the question remains if Senator Hutchison will put politics aside and stand with hard working immigrant youth. The time is now and hard working immigrant youth like the Texas Hunger Strikers and those across the nation cannot wait any longer. Our lives are on the line here. Please call Senator Hutchison and ask her to support the new DREAM Act bill that has been rewritten with HER desired changes. It is time to put politics aside and stand up for what is right. 

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Julieta gives her Undergraduate and Masters diplomas in Nursing to Senator Hutchison as a reminder of why we need the DREAM Act to pass. Without the DREAM Act her diplomas are nothing but eight years of hard work on paper. 

Also in attendance at this meeting is Brent Wilkes, the LULAC National Executive Director, who has been inspired by the TX Hunger Strikers and has joined them on the strike. Mr. Wilkes is standing up for all the DREAMers and reminds Senator Hutchison of the award she accepted from LULAC in 2009 specifically for her support of the DREAM Act. 

National LULAC Executive Director tells Senator Hutchison not to forget her dedication and responsibility to the DREAM Act youth she once stood with. 

Just in case, here are those changes that mirror what Senator Hutchison was asking for and that she got:   

  •  10 years of temporary status vs. the previous 6 years
  •   Specifically barring DREAMers from access to health care subsidies etc.
  •   Age cap is 30 vs. the previous of 35
  •   Removal of the language that would have not punished states for providing in-state tuition 

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